Committee (and meetings)

Committee (for 2024)

Perth Road Runners is run by several Committee members, many of whom (denoted by *) are also Trustees of the charity body that forms the club. Details of these members can be seen below, including contact details for each position. We are always looking for more Committee members so if anyone is interested in joining the Committee or would like information about what this entails, please get in touch with any of the team.

ChairMark Crawford *
Vice ChairRonnie Glen *
SecretaryPaige Brown *
TreasurerDean Abberley *
Championship OrganisersAlan Rigby and Mike
Press ReportersRonnie Glen and Kenny
Web Organiser/ITRichard Ward *
Club ClothingStewart
Race Sub-Committee
(ie for Brig Bash, Tay Ten and Mob Match)
Duncan Ryan (lead)
Mark Crawford (lead)
Lisa Aikman
Paige Brown
Kenny Cairns
Claire Douglas
Caroline Duffin
Jimmy Fotheringham
Rhona Younger
Membership CoordinatorClive Bowman *
Welfare OfficerElliot Collins *
Cross-Country CaptainsFabienne Thompson
Kevin Riddell

Committee meetings

Under the Constitution of PRR (clause 54), minutes of Committee meetings are to be made available to club members (save for any confidential information or spoilers). Starting with the meetings of the 2024 Committee, they appear below:

December 11th 2023

January 11th 2024

February 5th 2024

March 21st 2024

May 2nd 2024