Training & Coaching

We are fortunate to have a team of committed coaches that are devoted to the development of our members and they give up their time week after week (in all weathers) at training, to make sure you get the best out of your development in a secure and safe environment.

The club has 5 members that are fully qualified UK Athletics coaches (with more in training) but are always on the look out for more people to join the team, which can begin with a Coaching Assistant course via Scottish Athletics.

In addition to the regular Tuesday night club runs, training is offered (free of charge) on a rotational basis between track and hill sessions. In the winter months, the hill sessions start from Berth Park School and from the Jubilee car park, Kinnoull during the summer. The track sessions take place at the George Duncan Athletics Arena, Perth. These sessions are a mixture of fun and hard work and are for everyone.

Track night, Feb 24

The coaches are also on hand to help and support with any specific development needs of any member, whether that be help with a training plan, running form assessment or even Garmin technical support!

It’s not mandatory, but we ask intending training-goers to book in using the PRR Spond group (up to a week in advance). Over 100 PRRs are now on this group. 

More clement conditions, June 24

Our track training risk assessment can be found here; we encourage track-training athletes to be familiar with it!

The schedule of training for the forthcoming weeks is below:

Thursday09/05/2024HillsKinnoull Hill. Meet at Jubilee car park
Wednesday15/05/2024TrackGeorge Duncan Arena11 x 400400 jog
Thursday23/05/2024HillsKinnoull Hill. Meet at Jubilee car park
Wednesday29/05/2024TrackGeorge Duncan Arena8 x 600400 jog
Thursday06/06/2024HillsKinnoull Hill. Meet at Jubilee car park
Wednesday12/06/2024TrackGeorge Duncan Arena7 x 800400 jog
Thursday20/06/2024HillsKinnoull Hill. Meet at Jubilee car park
Wednesday26/06/2024TrackGeorge Duncan Arena5 x 1,000400 jog

NB: The sessions may be subject to change and are designed to be flexible in line with the demands and needs of both the group that attends and the individual athlete.