Summer Series

The 2023 Summer Series is now concluded! Congratulations to all our season finishers! Particular congratulations go to our series winners Lou Ella Cole and Elliot Collins. Full results of the series can be seen here.


+ The Summer Series is designed as a more accessible, more local, shorter-term, shorter-distance, lower-cost version of the Championship, held partly on Summer evenings, from late April to the end of August.

+ Aside from those seeking to win silverware/glassware for a Top Three finish in this contest (separate contests for M and F, but no age category prizes), there is a finisher medal for those that ‘complete’ the annual series.

The finisher medal from the 2021 Summer Series; this was a fair bit more ‘deluxe’ than usual as the SS represented the club’s main contest that year

+ To receive a Summer Series (SS) medal, you need to complete 6 out of 8 nominated SS races (as per the list below).

+ Full rules, scoring etc appear at 4 here.

+ Each year, the Series seeks to avoid (too many) clashes with the summer holiday season, and, with its 6-from-8 approach and the option of the time trial at any point in the season, provides good flexibility.

+ After discussion at the 2022 AGM, where it was tentatively proposed (but strongly rejected) to make the SS ‘more tarmac’, the SS remains a mixture of road, trail and mixed road/trail races.

+ Courses/races used over the last 10 years were these (showing how many needed to be completed each year; rules have altered over the years).

The 2023 races themselves (8)

Hidden Glen 10KSunday 23rd AprilBEEN AND GONE- Results
Strava time trial, East Bank Dash (9K)1st May to 31st AugustRESULTS IN FINAL SERIES TABLE (above and below)
DRR Templeton trail race (10K)Friday 9th JuneBEEN AND GONE - Results
Dundee (Camperdown) parkrun (5K)Saturday 17th JuneBEEN AND GONE - Results
Milnathort Dash (~5 miles)Thurs 22nd JuneBEEN AND GONE - Results
Crieff 10KSun 9th JulyBEEN AND GONE - Results
St Andrews parkrun (5K)Sat 22nd JulyBEEN AND GONE - Results
Graham Clark Memorial race, Knockhill Circuit (3.9 miles)Tues 15th AugustBEEN AND GONE - Results

If a race is lost…

The rules allow for more ad hoc replacements than is allowed in the Championship. If a race is lost, we shall seek to find a replacement of similar length (if possible), preferably (but not necessarily) in Perthshire, and offer a minimum of 2 weeks of notice (and ideally more) for this. Members will be notified by email/here and on the website/FB page.

Results from previous years



2021 (based on seven Strava time trials owing to COVID-19)

2020 not held owing to COVID-19

2019 Men Ladies

2018 Men Ladies

2017 Men Ladies

2016 Men Ladies

2015 Men Ladies

2014 Men Ladies

2013 Men Ladies