Trophies and Records

This page seeks – as best possible – to pull together a listing of Perth Road Runners’ trophy winners (not too tricky) and distance records (much trickier) since the formation of the club almost 40 years ago.


The club awards a heap of trophies (more than 40) at its annual presentation evening, typically held in early March each year to recognise the events and achievements of the previous calendar year.

Trophies are awarded to/for:

Above: Trophy winners from the presentation evening for 2022: clockwise from top-left: Jimmy Fotheringham (Winter parkrun Challenge) and Lorraine MacPherson (best open and V45 10K); Lynn Gatherer (with the mighty Yahoo handicap cup); Paige Brown (here collecting Fastest Yahoo Lady); Club Champions Rhiannon Laing and Stuart Robertson.

The links below will take you to listings of just who won those trophies in each year. They’ve been drawn together by using the trophies themselves. For the distance trophies, the times and locations recorded are, in many cases, not absolutely certain, having been retro-compiled using Power of 10 … plus a heap of very old, once-thought-lost and barely-decipherable computer files from PRR history (floppy discs included).

Series winners

Internal race winners and people trophies

Distance trophies


Distance records

The only historically-recorded distances for “club records” purposes are 10K, half-marathon and marathon. There’s no doubt that many fine times over 5K, 5 miles and 10 miles have been run by PRR members since 1985… but, after two years of trying to find any sort of records, it’s become clear that none exist. Whether we now start such records – and whether they would be meaningful – is an open question. The club’s 10K, HM and marathon records (for seniors, veterans and super-veterans) can be seen below (and also found in the Distance Trophies link above, where they are highlighted in yellow). Note that, although the ladies’ age categories were moved in 2022 to F40/F50/F60 for our trophies, the female records are still stated as F35 and F45 as this is how they were recorded (via the trophies) back in the day.

There’s a key point to note/remember about the age group records. It would be reasonable enough to assume that the M50 record (say) would be available to any male PRR competing (on or) after their 50th birthday. But that’s not quite how we do it under PRR rules. Bear with me here. A PRR M40 (in the same example) is a M40 for the entire season, assuming he enters the season in his 40s, even if he turns 50 mid-season. All times run in that same season (until Dec 31st) are still classed as V40 times, even if they were run after the 50th birthday. Any such times would thus be considered for the V40 record, and not for the V50 record. A bit weird, yes, but the trappings of our rules and record-keeping! (This does not apply to Club Standards).

As can be seen, we lack certain times and locations in that latter link (and a few of the times/locations shown may just be wrong). Any information to make the listing more complete and accurate would be gratefully received.

Below: a PRR presentation evening, really quite a long time ago (1996)