About the Club

How it all began

Perth Road Runners was founded in 1985 by Jim McAndrew and has continued to grow since. We sadly lost Jim in 2017 but his legacy will always be remembered; he has been honoured by PRR Championship finishers being awarded the Jim McAndrew Championship medal.

To read more about Jim McAndrew from a past Chairman and founding member, click here

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Committee (and Committee meeting minutes)

Press coverage

Club Trophies and Records

For information on our rules, constitution, policies, club benefits, club clothing and Club Standards – and other aspects of Perth Road Runners – please see the Membership page/tab.

Details of all our events, races and activities can be found on the links for:

Tay Ten/Brig Bash (for our open races)

Racing (for the races that PRRs compete in)

Club Classics (for our internal events)

Tuesday Club Runs (for our weekly club outing) and

Training & Coaching (for our weekly coached interval training).