Club Championship 2022

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  • To receive a Club Championship medal, you need to complete 7 out of 10 nominated championship races (as per the list below) or 6 of the nominated races plus a marathon.
  • However to compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the Club Championship, you need to complete at least 7 out of 10 nominated championship races plus a marathon. That is, maximum points will be derived from running those 8 races.
  • If chosen, the marathon shall be of the athlete’s own choosing and consist of any worldwide marathon, including one which is part of a triathlon, and must be properly accredited with verifiable results.
  • Full rules, scoring etc appear at 3 here.

Races – notes

Those stated as OPEN are now open to entries; members are advised not to delay in booking in for races at which they intend to compete.

The listing is a little more early-loaded than usual; it allows more space for late reserve events (quite possible with COVID about) and seeks to avoid clashes with cross-country fixtures, whose dates after early October are not yet known.

The Stonehaven Half Marathon had originally been listed in the race schedule. We have (early April) learned that this race will not take place in 2022, and it has been dropped from the Championship, to be replaced by the Templeton Ten (as per the updated table below).

The Glenrothes 10K had also originally been listed. We have (2nd May) learned that this race has also gone into the bin. It has thus been replaced by the Linlithgow 10K (as per the updated table below).

The races themselves (10)

Club Championship 2022

Inverness Half Marathon13/03/2022BEEN AND GONE
Tom Scott Memorial 10 miles03/04/2022BEEN AND GONE
Run Balmoral 10K23/04/2022BEEN AND GONE
Loch Leven Half Marathon14/05/2022BEEN AND GONE
Dunblane 12km29/05/2022BEEN AND GONE
Perth parkrun (5km)04/06/2022BEEN AND GONE
Killin 10km27/08/2022OPEN - Details
Braemar Half Marathon11/09/2022OPEN - Details
Linlithgow 10K25/09/2022OPEN - Details
Templeton Ten (10M)06/11/2022NOT YET OPEN - Details

If a race is lost…

If races are lost from the series, replacement races are used (rather than a reduced requirement of completed races). Under the rules, those races must be pre-nominated. We are using a slightly modified system in 2022. In the past, regardless of the distance of race lost, it would be replaced by the first nominated reserved race; the second race lost by the second reserve. Thus, it was possible that a 5K could be replaced by a HM, or vice versa.

This year, we are adopting/trialling a system of Long and Short Reserve races.

Short Reserves (one has now been already deployed!)

For the first race lost from the Championship under 10 miles in length (ie a 5K, 10K or the Dunblane 12K), it will be replaced by the Giffordtown 5K. The date of this race has not yet been firmly fixed, but is expected to be on Sunday 2nd October, details here.

Long Reserves (one has now been already deployed!)

For the first race lost from the Championship that is 10 miles in length or longer (ie a 10M or HM), it will be replaced by Brampton to Carlisle (10 miles). Yes, that’s in England, but only just, and is a English Championship race of great standing. It is highly recommended in any event. This is expected to be held on Sunday 20th November, out-of-date details here.

Note that the reserve races only come into play if any of our nominated 10 races are lost. They cannot be used for the Championship unless this occurs.