Hills are Alive 2022

The Hills Are Alive 2022

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  • To receive a Hills Are Alive (HAA) medal, you need to complete 5 (FIVE) out of 6 nominated HAA races (as per the list below).
  • Full rules, scoring etc appear at 5 here.

Races – notes

  • The HAA features:
    • a Club-only/organised race up (only, and not down) Ben Vrackie above Pitlochry; this popular evening was used as HAA5 in 2021;
    • a Strava time trial – as per the format of much of the 2021 HAA – over the Deuchary Hill course (above Dunkeld, as used as HAA4 in 2021). Attempts may be made between 1st March and 30th June inclusive; you can run it as many times as you like and your best time will be used for scoring. We’ve curtailed the window at the end of June as bracken and heather rapidly overcome that course!
    • A Club-organised race over Kinnoull Hill. The annual, PSH-organised Kinnoull Hill Race (KHR) is not being held held. Instead, we will organise our own Club race over a course at Kinnoull on the date below. This race will also double as the Club’s annual Hill Race, for which trophies are awarded. It is likely that we will be joined on that evening by two or three other invited clubs whose championships/series also feature the KHR.
  • Details of the course(s) for the Club-only events will be posted nearer the time.
  • The HAA series seeks to avoid clashes with the summer holiday season, Championship and SS, and, with its 5/6 approach and the option of the time trial across the season, provides reasonable flexibility.

The races themselves (6)

Birnam Hill RaceSat 26th MarchBEEN AND GONE
Newtyle Hill Race Wed 20th AprilBEEN AND GONE
Kinnoull HillTue 3rd MayBEEN AND GONE
Falkland Hill Trail RaceSat 18th JuneBEEN AND GONE
Ben Vrackie (uphill only)Tue 19th JulyClub race - details to follow
Deuchary Hill (Strava time trial)1st March to 30th June inclusiveNOW CLOSED

If a race is lost…

Many races here are PRR club events (Kinnoull, Vrackie) or time trials (Deuchary).

If either of the club races cannot be run, we will seek to reschedule with at least 2 weeks of notice.

If any of the external races are lost (Birnam, Newtyle, Falkland), they will be replaced by a Strava time trial over the Moncreiffe Hill course used in 2021. A month will be available for this course to be completed, this month starting from shortly after the date of the lost race (this start date to be announced).

Results from 2021 series can be found here