Yahoo Results

Yahoo 2016 Results

38 runners took part in the annual handicap race round the 9.5 miles course. Dean Scott was first across the line in a time of 82:32.

Michael McConnell ran the fastest time, followed by Kevin Riddell and Jamie Briggs

The full results (in order of fastest time) were:

Michael McConnell57.21
Kevin Riddell62.08
Jamie Briggs64.14
Stuart Fraser64.15
Kevin Rogers65.08
Lenny Burnett67.59
Richard Ward68.24
Derek Mcintish69.19
Dave Sinclair69.45
Caroline Jones72.01
Grant Wooler72.21
Craig Antrobus73.02
Gair McRostie73.22
Sonjia Crow73.39
Lisa Aikman74.08
Stuart Neillands74.24
Colin Wilcox74.27
Marlena Nowaczyk76.28
Robin Livingstone76.32
John Rudd77.21
Ella Webley78.07
Dean Scott82.32
Kenneth Stewart83.06
Scott Connor83.32
Hugh Daly89.46
Allison Brown90.07
Diane Young90.11
Jim Brown91.07
Gillian Douglas93.26
Ruth Johnson93.26
Andrew Gellatly94.11
Stephanie Boyd96.36
Linda O Neill96.36
Kirstie Main105.25
Paul Hamersley107.01
Jane Dernie108.28
Sarah Hammersley108.55
Caroline Ness115.21

Yahoo 2015 Results

There were 39 participants on the night. The winner of the trophy as first over the line in 99:25 was Caroline Hogarth.

The fastest time trophy went to Myles Bax in a time of 57:27. Runner Up was Greg Simpson in 57:35. 3rd fastest time was Mike McConnell in 57:46.

For a full breakdown of the results, see the table below.

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