PRR 30th Anniversary Relay

Final details for the relay, from Sally:


I’ve attached the final version of the relay Legs.

Please note the Leg (s) you’re down for and your start time.
•Please be at the start of your Leg no later than 15 minutes before the start time.
•All other information stays the same as my email of 7 August.
•The maps of each Leg are already on the PRRs website and the spreadsheet attached to this email is also going on the website.

•6.45pm – Coach departs Tay Street Perth (along from Sheriff Court, opposite side of road)
•12.00 midnight – Coach departs Windalstrae Kinross returning to Tay Street, Perth
•7.30 for 8pm – Ceilidh at Windlestrae Hotel, Kinross
•Stovies half way through evening

Runners and Relay leg details

Time Relay LegDistanceDurationProfile / Pace Group (approx.)
8.00 - 9.00 amLeg 1 North Inch to Moncreiffe HillStart is Bells Sports Centre, North Inch.4.3 miles60 minsFlat + climb last mile.
12 min/mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Fiona Morrison (back marker)Hannah Lopez
Fiona Proven Lisa Hill
Robin WombillAndy Johns
Hugh DalyGeoff Bilton
Ian MacArthurPeter Hookam
Keith RobinsonAlison Houston
Ricky MartinDavid Houston
Alastair BulcraigBill Nouillan
Ronnie Glen
9.00 - 9.45Leg 2 Moncreiffe Hill to Bridge Of Earnstart is new Tay Car Park at northern entrance to Moncreiffe Hill, roughly 1 mile along Rhynd Road 5.1 miles45 minsHilly and off road.
7/8 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Grant WoolerScott Strachan
David MacFadyenAndy Johns
Neil Muir (back marker)Judith Dobson
Kevin RogersPeter Hookam
Ronnie GlenAllan Kemp
Claire DouglasGraham Kemp
Grant Strachan
Simon Grieshaber
Hugh Daly
Ian MacArthur
Jimmy Fotheringham
Alastair Bulcraig
Keith Robinson
Ricky Martin
9.45 - 10.45Leg 3 Bridge Of Earn to GlenfargStart is car park across the road from the BOE Institute (sign-on for Brig Bash)6 miles 60 minsHilly.
8/9 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Stephen FergusonKirsty Gray
Sonija CrowVal Finlay
John Rudd (back marker)Linda Palmer
Caroline JonesPeter Edgerton
Hamish ShanklandAndy Johns
Stewart DallasJudith Dobson
Martin Hill
Amanda Rennie
Wendy Grieve
10.45 - 11.30 Leg 4 Glenfarg to MilnathortStart is Wallace Park, just off Duncrieve Road on the south side of Glenfarg 3.9 miles45 minsHilly.
9/10 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Margaret McIntoshRashmi Shah
Melanie MacraeJackie Smith
Susan SmithVal Finlay
Fiona HairLinda Palmer
Maureen SummersAndy Johns
Stephen FergusonSarah Eaton
John RuddJudith Dobson
Linda O NeillAmanda Rennie
Catriona LiddellWendy Grieve
11.30 - 12.30Leg 5 Milnathort to Burleigh Sands (Loch Leven)Start is on the road north out of Milnathort - 70m north of the motorway bridge at Tillyrie T Junction5.2 miles65 minsFlat.
10/11 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Linda O NeillDuncan Gray
Caroline HogarthChris Myerscough
Gillian SmithMatt Newton
Eleanor PaulAllison Smith
Catrional LiddellAnne MacIntyre
Julie ReidAndy Johns
Alan PatersonPaul Allcoat
Margaret McIntoshAmanda Rennie
Wendy Grieve
Gillian Kemp
Graham Kemp
12.30 - 13.25Leg 6 Burleigh Sands to Findatie (Loch Leven)Start is Burleigh car park at the Loch Leven Heritage Trail5.1 miles55 minsFlat.
8/9 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
David StokoeGill Lopez
Kenneth StewartMatt Newton
Richard HughesAllison Smith
Nicola CroweAnne MacIntyre
Fiona AngusAndy Johns
Bob BrownPaul Allcoat
Mark DunnJulie Rose
13.25 - 14.20Leg 7 Findatie to Kirkgate Park, KinrossStart is at Findatie car park on Loch Leven Heritage Trail. Finish at Kirkgate Park, Kinross5.5 miles55 minsFlat.
9/10 min mile
Perth RRKinross RR
Sue JonesGill Lopez
Craig AntrobusMatt Newton
Allison Brown Andy Johns
Neil MuirPaul Allcoat
Karen WaltersJulie Rose
Sally NewtonGeoff Bilton
Andrea Jackson
Anne Wilson

Perth Road Runners celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, 2015. As part of the celebrations, we are joining in with Kinross Road Runners in a unique relay event.

The relay starts in Perth and ends in Kinross and takes in, en-route, stages of races that both clubs operate.

How will the Relay work?

  • The 7 stages of the Relay will be organised by pace. Like we do on training nights, we will have, for example, an 8-min/mile group, 10-min/mile group etc so that the runners on each stage are reasonably matched and can comfortably run together.
  • 1st stage starts at 8am in Perth, the last stage finishes in Kinross around 4pm
  • Each group on a stage to include a Kinross Roadrunner and a Perth Roadrunner
  • People can choose the stage(s) they want to run (depending on pace.)
  • The runners on each stage run together, no-one gets dropped, runners start and finish together.
  • It’s a social run, not a race
  • The Relay is from Perth to Kinross taking in parts of the route of the Tay Ten, Brig Bash, Milnathort Dash and Loch Leven Half Marathon.

Relay Stages

Stage1 Stage2
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Stage3 Stage4
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Stage5 Stage6
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