May 2015

1st May 2015

Centre stage was the Virgin London Marathon at the weekend.7 Green Vests went down to compete.Martin Mcewen ran 3hrs 7 mins,Jimmy Fotheringham 3hrs 14 mins,David Burnett 3.28,Julie Ramsay 3.36,Sue Jones 3.54,Steve Gilbert 3.59 and Kenny Stewart 4.07. It was a magnificent event with fantastic crowds and the chance to run the last competitive London marathon with Paula Radcliffe.
Big Baz Campbell ran the 53 mile Hoka the day before and completed the course in a sparkling 12hrs and 8 mins
The 15 mile Balmoral trail race also took place with Kevin Rogers completing the course in1hr 47 mins managing a terrific 46 place.Grant Key was next home in 2hrs 5 mins,Marianne McLevy 2hrs 21 mins,PeteRitchie 2hrs 23 completed the quartet home.
The 75 th Perth Parkrun took place with 10 Perth Road Runners taking part out of a field of 135.
Jordan Strachan was 6 th in 19.16,Claire Douglas 20.46,Richard Hughes 21.32 and a new PB,Richard Ward 22.03,David Stokoe 22.43,Gillian Smith 26.32 and new Pb,Caroline Hogarth 26.35 and new Pb,Sally Newton 28.40,Stuart Fraser 30.52 and Fiona Morrison 38 mins completed the 10 PRRS home.
Paul Grace did the Loch Ness Etape in 3hrs 48 mins and Mel MacRae was 4 hrs 17 mins.
Runners are reminded that it’s the George Duncan Running track on Thursday at 6.30 for interval training.

8th May 2015

Highlight of the week was Thursday nights 10k championship run at Kinross.A fantastic 37 Green vests took part out of a field of 150.First Home and in 5th place overall was Myles Bax in a cracking time of 35.55 with Duncan Ryan running an impressive 37.47 and gaining 12th place.Mike Souter was not far behind him on 38.24.Jimmy Fotheringham was next just failing to get under the magic 40 minute barrier by 2 seconds.Neil Muir ran a very good 40.19 with Ronnie Glen just on his tail running 40.23.Stuart Fraser 40.37,Barry Campbell 40.59,Grant Wooler 41.18,Kevin Rogers 41.21,Dave Macfadyen 41.38,Julie Ramsay 41.48, Elvis Reid 42.28,Stewart Dallas 42.46, Claire Douglas 42.47,Fiona Angus 44.03,Richard Hughes 45.27,Bob Brown 46.34,Steve Gilbert 47.36,Sonjia Crow 47.45,Kenny Stewart 47.46,Allison Brown 49.03,David Stokoe 49.46,Sue Jones 51.16,Peter Ritchie 51.44,David Wood 52.35,Margaret Mcintosh 53.30,Linda ONeill 54.05,Gillian Smith 56.15, Caroline Hogarth 57.49,Julie Reid 57.51,Sally Newton 58.07,Eleanor Paul 60.56,Alan Paterson64.30 Jean McCullough 66.26,Fiona Morrison 68.28,Caroline Ness 68.58 completed a magnificent turnout from the Perth Road Runners.
Also on the running calendar was the 76th Perth parkrun. 18 Green vests took part out of a field of 152 which turned out to be a cold and wet with hailstones peppering the runners.
Jordan Strachan was first road runner home and 6th overall in a very good time of 18.52.Jimmy Fotheringham managed 20.23,Richard Ward 21.04 and a new Pb,Caroline Jones 21.28 and a new Pb,David Stokoe 22.27,Ronnie Glen 23.56,Susan Smith 24.28,Margaret Mcintosh 24.38,Gillian Smith 27.15,Fiona Hair 27.36,Alan Paterson 29.20,Caroline Hogarth 29.20,Kenny Stewart 30.16, Linda ONeill 30.56,John Rudd 30.58, Jean MCullough 31.44,Rhona Mcbean 33 and Fiona Hair 36.22 completed the Road Runners home.
Runners are reminded that Monikie park 10 k is next up for the championship this Sunday with the Kinnoull hill run on Thursday in the Hills Are Alive Series.

15th May 2015

A very busy weekend for the green vests saw the Loch Leven Half Marathon and the Perth Parkrun take place on Saturday. 6 took part in the Loch Leven run and first back in 118th place was Stewart Dallas in 1hr 40mins with Bob Brown not far behind in 1hr 50mins,Sonjia Crow ran well to run it in 1hr 52.Kenny Stewart went well posting 1hr 54.Susan Smith was next in 2hrs with Linton Scarborough completed the Perth contingent home in 2hrs 3 mins.

The 77th Perth Parkrun also took place with 6 Road Runners taking part out of a field of 152. Jimmy Fotheringham was first Road Runner home in 6th place in a time of 18.53.Simon Grieshaber showed a pleasing return to form running 21.02.Caroline Jones 21.43,FionaHair 28.12,Sally Newton 28.37 and Caroline Hogarth in 42.34 completed the green vests home.

Sunday saw the next championship race in the calendar which was the Monikie country park 10k.A tremendous 27 runners take part out of a field of 315.Conditions were very tricky with a mixture of road,grass and forest track with very slippy conditions underneath. Jimmy Fotheringham finished 10th in 40.20 with Dave Macfadyen next in 41.59,Julie Ramsay was first female home in a tremendous 42.35 with Claire Douglas next home in 43.35.Nicola Crowe 45.01,Fiona Angus 45.42,Stewart Dallas 47.05,Craig Antrobus 47.54Richard Hughes 47.57Hugh Daly 48.43,Steven Gilbert 49.16,David Stokoe 49.17,Allison Brown 50.34,Sue Jines 52.02,Margaret Mcintosh53.22,Peter Ritchie 54.18,Gillian Smith 58.46,Julie Reid 59.37,Sally Newton 60 mins,yCaroline Hogarth 61,Eleanor Paul 62,Alan Paterson 62,Jean MCullough 68,Rhona Mcbean 68,Caroline Ness 68, Fiona Morrison 70 completed the Green vests home.

22nd May 2015

Pride of place this running week goes to ultra runner Alyson Macpherson (who on Friday competed in the 110 mile Cateran trail race.This is an extremely tough challenge Which included 15,000ft of climbing with disqualification if certain time criteria are not met during the race.She completed the task in 29hrs and 20 mins.She has also completed the West Highland Way race 10 times which is 95 miles in length.These are truly epic achievements.
The Blackrock 5 mile race also took place on Friday night in Burntisland.6 Road Runners took part out of a field of 1018. The run takes place on the beach in soft sand and plenty of splashing through water.First back was Jimmy Fotheringham in 104th place in a time of 29.45,Ronnie Glen was close behind in 30.12,Stuart Fraser managing 30.29.Richard Hughes cruised home in 35.01 with Caroline Hogarth and Eleanor Paul coming home together in a very respectable time of 45.02.All the runners thought it was a great run,which was well marshalled with everyone very friendly.
The 78 th parkrun took place on Saturday and 10 green vests took part out of 148 runners.
Pride of place going to Mike Souter coming home first in a magnificent time of 18 mins and a PB.
Martin McEwen 19.22,Jimmy Fotheringham 19.27 ,Stuart Fraser 20.19,David Stokoe 21.42 and a new PB,Joan Wilson 23.08,Alison Brown 23.57,Margaret Mcintosh 24.27,Ronnie Glen 24.58 and Fiona Morrison 40.17.
Tuesday again sees the club run from Bells sports centre at 6.30 with the Jubilee car park on Thursday at the same time for Interval training on Kinnoull hill.
Club members are reminded that on the 5th of September is our 30th year of running along with Kinross Road Runners.An Anniversary relay event is to take place and evening Ceilidh. Could you please show your interest in this event by ordering tickets.

IMG_0410 Alyson Macpherson

29th May 2015

Linda ONeill,John Rudd,Mike Dales and Fiona Manson have pride of place this week for the road runners as they competed in the Cape Wrath Challenge which is a series of events up at Durness.This included 10 k runs,half marathon,marathon and marathon relay. John managed a 1.47mins in the half,and 4.10mins in the marathon with Mike 48mins Fiona 49 and Linda 59 in the 10 k event.In the Relay Marathon The girls managed 4 hrs bang on and Mike 3hrs 44 mins with another 2 competitors.Excellent performances all round from them in this cracking event.
The Annual Kinnoull Hill race took place on Thursday night with 15 Road Runners taking part out of 181 record runners.This is a tough 4.2 mile event with Mike Souter was first PRR back in a time of 29mins Jimmy Fotheringham 30,Derek Mcintosh 32,Paul Grace 34,Grant Stachan35,Mike Dales 35.40,Caroline Jones 37,Fiona Manson 38,Hugh Daly 41,Linda ONeill 45,Margaret Mcintosh46,Daile Sipple 47,Kenny Stewart 47,Alan Paterson 51,Caroline Hogarth and Eleanor Paul both 55mins 18 secs.A cracking turnout for a Thursday night. Well organised by The Strathtay Harriers.
Beveridge park 5k took place on Friday night with 10 PRRS taking part.Neil Muir was first of them home in 19.15,Stuart Fraser 19.42,Paul Grace 21,Margaret Mcintosh 23,Gillian Smith 26,Daile Sipple27,Sally Newton 28,Fiona Muir 32,Jean MCullough 33 and Fiona Morrison 34 completing the group home.
The 79th parkrun also took part on Saturday with 18 Green vests taking part out of a field of 169.
A first class field was present and Greg Davidson took the spoils in a tremendous time of 16.42.Duncan Ryan was next home in 17.55,Martin Mcewen 18.49,Jimmy Fotheringham 19,Julie Ramsay 20.36,Stuart Fraser 21.05,Elvis Reid 21.06,Richard Hughes 21.13 and a new PB,John Rudd 21.15 and a new PB,Richard Ward 21.20,Kenny Stewart22.40,Susan Smith 24.32,Gillian Smith 26.57,Caroline Hogarth 27.42,Fiona Hair 27.56,Jean McCullough, and Fiona Morrison managing 33.45 completing the Road Runners home.
The Strathallan 5 mile race takes place this Saturday evening which is part of the Summer Series.
Good luck to all the runners participating in the Edinburgh marathon this Sunday.


Cape Wrath 2015 – Mike, Fiona, Linda and John