Club Dinner

The Club Dinner in 2024 (to celebrate 2023) will be held at the Royal George Hotel (Tay St, Perth) on Saturday 2nd March 2024. Start time (for proceedings) is 7:00 pm. Instructions for how to be there appear below.

The PRR annual dinner and presentation evening is two events in one:

+ a celebration of the year that was, awarding completion medals for the club’s various racing (Championship, Summer Series, Hills Are Alive, cross-country) and the trophies for these series and many other achivements (see here for more details of those awards); and

+ the Club’s main get-together socially – a fine opportunity to eat (and drink) well with our clubmates.

How to be there

To join us – and you do need to be a member of PRR or an invited guest of an attending PRR! – you need to do two things, as set out below.

  1. You need to choose your dinner from the menu and tell us, using the Survey Monkey form (click link). If a guest is attending, a second form needs to be submitted; make sure you tell us which PRR member the guest is attending with; and
  2. You need to pay for the dinner, by BACS to the club account.

Achieving that is all set out in the instructions here.

It helps the organisation of the evening hugely if this is done sooner rather than later; those not collecting medals and trophies always create quite a headache!

Closing date for booking in is noon on Saturday 24th February.

If you have any questions, please email Vice-Chair Ronnie Glen at