The Three Brothers of Perth (3 Trigs)

“A little note about the 3 trigs. This is the
3 trig points immediately around Perth, namely Kinnoull, St Magdalens
and Moncrieff. Which some of us ran on Tuesday. We took a route which
was just over 14 miles long and done St Magdalens, Moncrieff then
Kinnoull and took just over 2 hours there is no set route make it up
to suit yourself and it is a cracking training run. It is not a new
idea as I know that Colin Wilson and John Rudd has done this in the
past, but it might be fun to find out how many route there are and who
has all done it within the club it is purely for fun, however pick the
right day and the views around Perthshire are stunning. The runners
last night were Andy Lochhead, Stuart Robertson,
Barry Campbell and myself. Jimmy Fotheringham, Clare Douglas and
Jacqui Higginbottom done 2 of the trigs. Our full route was, Bells,
Tay St, Edinburgh Rd,up beside the Quarry, St Magdalens, down the
back to Craigend, Rhynd Rd through the farm up to Moncrieff return the
same route then down to Shore Rd across the Railway Br up Branklyn up
through the woods to Kinnoull back down past the monastery on to
Dundee Rd across Perth Br into Bells. (piece of cake)!!!!


Used Running Shoes Wanted

As a continuation of the successful Project Zambia the Perth Road Runners still collect used running shoes for sending them to Africa. If you have any used/unwanted running shoes – or shoe even – please bring them to our Tuesday training session.

for further inquiries contact PRR Chairman:

Thank You

Kilt Run Photo

Don yer kilts lads and lassies!

The club have been asked to support the upcoming Kilt Run and in an

attempt to gain some publicity we’re having a photo shoot at Bells

this coming Tuesday (30th July) at about 6.20pm, immediately before

our regular club run.

If you are planning to take part in the Kilt Run and/or want to drum

up some support, please come along to Bells on Tuesday evening wearing

your kilt and PRR running top.

If you have any questions please email